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Brian and Tina, come from a strong background of hosting and planning events for others. Brian originally worked in the construction industry for a leading manufacturer of construction equipment. However, once we were married the traveling was getting old and we wanted to create a business that would keep him local. As we were brainstorming on what type of business we would like to create, we both instantly thought of doing something in the food/entertainment industry. We both thoroughly enjoy cooking for others and helping with planning events.

In 2008, Brian lost his job due to the economic down-turn and, as a result, B&T Catering was born!

We have so much enjoyed working with all of the wonderful clients we have had in the corporate, private and wedding industry and look forward to many more years of creating special experiences for others to enjoy.


OurService Area

We are based in Lodi California and will service up to 20 miles in the surrounding area. If you have an event that is further out, there may be an additional charge for distance traveled. Fill out our form below and we can discuss your options!